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I'm a noob post

I'M A N00B
Name: Mel, aka sea0tter12
House: Hufflepuff
How long have you been at H_E: Got sorted in Jan. 2007
Personal Photo-journal: I keep most of my photos here.
Flickr or other posting website links: See above.

What got you interested in photography: I had to choose either a photography or an advertising course in college as part of my journalism degree, so I quickly chose photography. I just fell in love with the darkroom! I haven't developed any of my own pics since college (the whole no access to a darkroom thing), but I still enjoy photography a lot.
Do you take pictures, enjoy pictures, or both: I take and enjoy pics.
Digital vs Film: Film for my black and whites. There's still something about film that looks different to me, and I could never explain it in a million years, but I use my trusty old Canon AE1 for those shots. But I love my Canon SD450 for digital shots -- so tiny, and such good quality for the price.
To Photoshop or to Not Photoshop: I don't bother to Photoshop most of my photos, but I will if it needs it.
How have you improved: I'm not sure that I have improved a lot since college, but I try to get better on my own.
Favorite Subject: People and architecture
Least Favorite Subject: Sports. But just because I'm bad at it.
One of your favorite pictures you've taken: This is one of the last pictures I took of my grandparents together. It just captures them so perfectly, the way they are, I dunno. It's not the greatest, but something about it I just really love.

One of the worst pictures you've taken:
I'm really bad at food photography, and I don't know why. I experiment all the time with it, and I just can't make it look as good as it does in real life! They aren't all as bad as this, but this one's pretty bad.

Anything Else/Famous Last First Words:


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